so why did I become a life coach?


Every situation, no matter how painful, provides us an opportunity to grow — if we're open and willing to embrace it.

~ Dina Overland

My Story

Life has granted me the opportunity to handle many types of emotionally painful scenarios at different times. But despite going through these rough patches, I now consider my traumatic and painful periods to be gifts that helped me reach authentic happiness and peace. That's because I applied certain lessons that helped me connect to my Soul and provided me with a renewed appreciation and gratitude for every single experience life offers me.


My most profound lessons about pain have surrounded my journey to become a mother. 


I thought about having my first and second children for a total of seven years. It took my husband and I 4 1/2 years (and countless traditional and alternative interventions, plus severe emotional distress) to have our daughter. Then we spent another 2 1/2 years trying for a second child. I suffered two miscarriages during that time.


After the second miscarriage, my husband and I made the conscious decision to stop trying for more children. Though it’s what we desperately want, we each recognized that it’s out of our control.  


What's fascinating is that I immediately felt deep peace with the decision to no longer try for another child. As soon as I said “I think we should stop trying for a second baby” to my husband, I felt a shift in my body as it became lighter and more relaxed. My inner intuition (my Soul) was telling me that having one child was the right thing to do right now. So I decided to honor that instinct.

I have lived through intense emotional pain, and I am experiencing profound love and peace because of it. How can that be? Let me share a bit of my story with you...

It’s like the story of the lotus, a beautiful flower that blooms after growing in mud. From the muck and dirt and filth, you get a perfectly gorgeous creation of nature. In many cultures and spiritual beliefs, the lotus flower signifies a rebirth.


So it is with our lives. It’s only by sitting in the mud (our pain), truly embracing it, and moving past it, that we can bloom into the lotus (happiness and joy). When you can embrace the pain in your life, you come out the other side with an amazingly rich sense of peace, insight, and love. It’s recognizing that the pain had a deeper meaning and purpose. It’s knowing that the emotional trauma was worthwhile.


I believe that is the true beauty of life: There is mud and there are flowers. Both are essential; one can’t be separated from the other. And both are necessary for personal growth.

My painful experiences compelled me to begin my spiritual journey, to open up my heart, and connect with my Soul. I learned to release my controlling, obsessive, and anxious ways so that I could feel deep happiness and profound peace.


Here’s what I believe deep in my heart and soul: every single painful event comes with a hidden blessing that can help you feel deep appreciation, love, and gratitude. But you have to be willing to acknowledge and feel the pain before you can move past it and uncover that tremendous gift. 


I have lived through intense emotional pain, and I am experiencing profound love and peace because of it. 


And now I am sharing my lessons with others, so that I can help them recognize the blessings hiding behind their pain and dissolve their feelings of suffering to find a more peaceful, happier, authentic, Soul-filled life. 

To sum it up, here's what I believe:

  • We all suffer and have emotional pain

  • Suffering brings us closer to our true, authentic selves 

  • When we connect with our authentic selves, we embody LOVE

  • When we live our lives from a place of love, GOODNESS appears everywhere


It all starts with FEELING your yucky, unwanted emotions so you can open up

your heart and let love effortlessly flow in and out. When you do that, you will

be HAPPIER the rest of your life.

Are you ready to begin your Soulful journey from pain to joy? I can help you walk the path.

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