Coaching Client success

Jules Bonasera

"I clicked with Dina immediately. She was just so easy to talk to, open, and understanding.


The biggest a-ha moment I had as a result of working with Dina was the revelation I had about my father. She helped me release the limiting story I had about my past and my childhood. I hung on so tightly to that story that I was harming myself and others without even knowing it.


She helped me see that I didn’t have to hold onto the story I had been telling myself anymore, and that I could create a totally new one! Imagine that! It really has been life changing and I can’t thank Dina enough.


And now? My relationship with my father couldn’t be better — and all because Dina helped me change my perspective to something much more positive. 


By changing my relationship with my dad, which was something that I thought was impossible, Dina also changed my life. So what she helped me achieve is nothing short of a miracle. 


I loved working with Dina because I felt like I was talking to a friend! A good friend that is there for you no matter what and only has your best interest at heart. If you want to get advice from a good friend, one who cares about you and listens to every word you say without judgement and offers solid, useful advice — talk to Dina." 

Jo McDermott

"Before signing up for coaching with Dina, I was in a horrible place full of hurt and anger toward everyone around me after suffering from secondary infertility and four recurrent miscarriages. I felt extremely isolated and alone and just couldn't seem to get past my pain. Everyone had moved on, including my husband, and I felt abandoned and lonely.


Dina really understood what I was going through with secondary infertility/miscarriages and she never minimized or invalidated my grief. I was allowed to be completely honest and not hide anything. And even though we were talking about painful subjects, we were still able to have a laugh on our coaching calls.


Dina helped me practice affirmations that resonate with me, focus on the best things in my life every day, be grateful, and find the hidden meaning and beautiful message in my miscarriages.


Working with Dina has also helped me change the way I view my relationships with others. Before I would silently stew for ages about people’s not-so-well-intended remarks and platitudes about my miscarriages. I would feel all upset and it would affect me for days/weeks even. Dina helped me understand that these comments were coming from a place of love and concern, that it’s okay to get upset, process it, and then try to understand their point of view.


As a result of our time together, I feel like a brand new person with far more empathy than when I first started the coaching. I also feel more present, rarely thinking about the past. And I'm excited to see what the future brings for me, my husband, and our daughter. This is all thanks to you Dina — thank you so much.


Anyone considering working with Dina should just do it. You won't regret it and will be so much better afterwards. It's the best thing I ever did. I would still be a big emotional mess if Dina hadn't helped me."



President, Leadership & Development, Willoz Consulting

"Before I could realize my dream of running my own business, I needed to shift certain belief systems working against me. Those belief systems were based in painful moments, experiences, and memories that held me back from a completely happy place. Until I moved past the pain, I could never become the leadership coach, wife, and mother I am today.


Dina has helped me forgive the pain from failed relationships that I didn't even realize I was still holding on to. She showed me how to reframe the way I view the pain of deep disappointment.


Without Dina, I would never be in the position to accept new challenges for what they are instead of considering them to just be more pain. Life isn't going to change, but how I interpret it and move past the pain has! My business, my life, and my happiness wouldn’t be nearly as amazing and happy without Dina’s guidance."

Sarah Reinhart

Stay at home mom

"I’m so grateful I made the decision to invest in myself and seek guidance from Dina. 


My whole outlook on life has definitely changed for the better. I have learned to own my own power and set boundaries. I also learned valuable tools to rid myself of anxiety and guilt. Dina helped me see the people who have caused me pain in a entirely different light, and that has freed me in ways I never thought possible. 


I’m a much happier and confident person now and I’m not scared about what the future holds for me. She also helped me realize the beauty of living and making the best each moment."

Aimée Schafer

Mother of 2 children

"If I hadn't met Dina more than 10 years ago, I would be living a completely different life. I have learned how to listen to myself, change my trajectory, and make the best life decisions relating to me, my husband, and my children.


I have been contemplating a career change, but was feeling a lot of emotional pain in the form of guilt, anger, and frustration. As a mother and wife, I felt like I was drowning in quicksand trying to make a decision, but Dina guided me on a beautiful path to figure out the best solution!


She listened to me with her whole mind and heart and gave me concrete feedback helping me let go of the painful feelings so that I could decide what I wanted most. It is incredibly rewarding working with Dina! Her thoughts and encouragement linger in my mind on a daily basis. 


In so many ways, I admire how Dina is a living example of how to release pain, love yourself, and find peace."


Emily H.

Full-time mama

"Dina is an amazing coach. She was able to help me during a very tough time in my life. Her empathy and knowledge were so evident during our conversations as she helped me find and feel my true feelings and fears.


I gained so much from our sessions. She is so easy to talk to, and I felt a sense of calmness and peace after working with her.


I would definitely recommend her services."


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