How I forgot to include a kinda huge thing in my eBook and what I learned from it

So I wrote this eBook about seven steps to take to move past emotional pain to share on my website and with all my coaching clients. Since I’m a writer by trade, I thought the eBook HAD to be perfect. It was, after all, the first eBook I’ve written for my coaching business, and it was a deeply personal description about my experience with infertility and miscarriages. In other words, there was no room for errors of any kind.

Guess what happened?!

After hours and hours of me diligently writing, editing, and proofreading that baby of mine, I finalized and posted the eBook online and all over social media. A few days later, my husband off-handedly asked me why the eBook doesn’t include anything about forgiveness.

Oh. Crap.

I mean, forgiving yourself, others, the situation, and God/Universe/Whatever is HUGE. It’s one of the most important steps to finding peace with a situation that has brought you pain. It took me a long time to reach a real place of forgiveness that my daughter doesn’t have a sibling. And forgiveness always comes up when I’m coaching someone through a painful experience.

How could I forget something so major?! What kind of coach am I if I can’t get all my crap together in one eBook??

What I didn’t do in response to dear hubby’s question was frantically demand that my web techie folks remove the eBook from my website, write a whole new section about forgiveness, edit and proofread it for hours like I did the rest of the book, and then reshare it with everyone who had already read it so they could have the up-to-date version. Oh, and hunt down and rewrite every single piece of promotional copy that referenced my eBook.

No, instead of freaking out and letting those anxious thoughts take over, I replied very calmly: “Oh gosh, you’re right. I guess that just means that now I have material for a whole new book!”

In that single moment of awareness, I was truly gifted something amazing – the freedom to be REAL, which means making mistakes sometimes. But more than that, it means viewing mistakes as opportunities and sometimes even blessings in disguise.

There is freedom-6.png

As I considered how on Earth I could have forgotten to include forgiveness in my list of seven steps to moving past pain, I realized I DIDN'T forget. I wasn’t supposed to talk about forgiveness right now.

Learning how to forgive a painful experience takes A LOT of work. You have to dig deep into your soul and truly feel every single emotion surrounding the pain before you can forgive it for coming into your life. So why not respect and honor that step enough to give it a proper amount of attention, like, say, a separate eBook, blog post, or video series?

So it wasn’t a mistake after all that I failed to mention forgiveness in my eBook. (Incidentally, I searched the book and the word “forgive” appears exactly one time – in a testimonial, NOT my own writing!)

And in my accepting the situation exactly as it unfolded – and dare I say forgiving my imperfect self? – I actually allowed the Universe to guide me to my purpose so that I can help my clients in the absolute best way I can.

Plus, I got to practice being imperfect, authentic, and even vulnerable.

There is freedom-4.png

But stay’ll be hearing from me on the very important topic of forgiveness in the near future! :)

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