Why the House of Your Dreams Won't Make You Happy

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When I sat down to write a blog about how I manifested the house I’m now living in, I assumed it would be about the steps I took to bring this home into my life after my family and I decided to move from New Orleans to a small beach town on the central coast of California.

I figured I would talk about how, for as long as I can remember, I have wanted to live by the beach, which has always been my favorite spot on this beautiful planet. Or that although I was willing and happy to live in a run-down shack if it meant I could be a 10 or 20 minute drive to the beach – I mean, a 20 minute drive to my happiest place on Earth!a pesky inner voice kept telling me to shoot for the stars and go for the ocean view that I REALLY wanted.

Of course, I would write about how my husband and I sat down and listed the qualities we wanted in a house. That I then put the paper on the fridge next to a card with this affirmation on it – “I have the perfect living space: I see myself living in a wonderful place. It fulfills all my needs and desires. It’s in a beautiful location and at a price I can afford.”

And how we ended up buying a house with EVERYTHING on that list, including that ocean view. That I knew it was Our House the moment I stepped inside. I just knew.

But when I actually started to put pen to paper (fingers to keyboard, really), I felt blocked. Nothing came out. And then some ideas did flow, but they just weren’t right.

I’ve learned from my many years as a professional writer not to push against resistance when I just can’t seem to form a good sentence. So I went to bed and trusted that I would have some clarity the next day.

And, boy, did I.

That night, I dreamt that my husband lost his job, and I was very worried that we would have to move out of our beloved home. The dream and the emotions I felt were so palpable that when I woke and saw my husband getting ready for work, I wondered where he was going if he didn’t have a job anymore.

After I recognized that I was no longer dreaming, I spent a few moments reflecting on my dream (or was it a nightmare?). That’s when I realized that it’s not about loving the house I’m living in (though that’s absolutely amazing). It’s about being grateful for my house while knowing that IT doesn’t directly make ME happy.

Sure, it’s lovely to adore where I spend most of my days. And that ocean view is priceless to me.

But true happiness comes from within, from knowing that no matter what curveball life throws at you, you can still feel true joy and peace.

The truth is – I make myself happy. No other person, place, thing, picturesque beach town, or super cozy home can do that for me.

When I asked for clarity to write my blog post, my inner wisdom happily obliged. Speaking loudly to me through my dream, it showed me that I can love and adore my house, but I don’t need it. I’m internally happy and at peace with myself and my life, so nothing external can change that – including even losing this very house that I manifested and give thanks to every day.

I adore my home, which is the favorite house I’ve ever lived in, and am so thankful and appreciative for my ocean view and peaceful backyard. But my dream showed me that I can remain happy and peaceful even if I lose it.

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