4 steps to getting more sleep tonight

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Do you struggle to get enough sleep? To go to bed earlier every night? I used to also.

It's been Achilles heel when it comes to self-care for most of my life. I could be exhausted but you would still find me putzing around the house trying to check off items on my never-ending to-do list.

But here's the thing – sleep is a non-negotiable necessity if you want to take good care of our mental, physical, and spiritual health.

That's because you simply can't practice self-love and self-care without being well-rested. And if you’re a mother or father, you definitely can't parent to the best of your ability when you're running on empty, constantly fueling yourself through the day with caffeine.

So, how can you get more sleep?

Here are the four steps I take to ensure I'm in bed at a regular time and getting enough sleep each night:

1. Put sleep on your to-do list. Seriously, I mean it. Write it down (or type it in) on that master list of yours. Then scratch it out (or delete it) and put it at the VERY TOP of your list. That way your brain really starts to understand how vital sleep is. Because sleep really is the most vital step you can take for your own well being.

2. Say affirmations. Throughout the day, and particularly in the evening just before you go to bed, recite affirmations about bedtime being a positive experience. Here are some examples: I love going to sleep. My bedtime routine is soothing, and I look forward to it every night. The point here is to come up with something that gets you looking forward to heading to your bed for sleep.

3. Make bedtime awesome. Follow up your affirmations with some actions. What do you love? Add it to your nighttime routine. You could build in time to read a few pages of your book, meditate, or stretch your body while doing deep breathing (my personal approach). Get some super comfy sheets and fluffy pillows that just call your name and make lying in bed irresistible. Or pamper yourself each night by taking small self-care steps like using a lotion with soothing scents. Just find something that draws you into your bedroom and entices you to start the routine before you go to sleep.

4. Notice and be grateful for each full nights' sleep. It's no coincidence that after a really good night of ample sleep, the first thing I say I'm grateful for is getting lots of restful sleep. So each morning when you wake, express your gratitude for getting yourself into bed earlier so that you can feel rested and refreshed. The more you focus on appreciating your sleep, the more you will value it and ensure you get it.

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