How I got over my fear of judgment and decided to share a selfie

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I love selfies...when other people post them. I have never posted one selfie on any social media platform, whether for my coaching biz or personal profiles. I'm a self-described behind-the-camera kind of gal. I'm the one taking the pictures of others.

That’s mostly because when I see pictures of myself, I have a tendency to get super judgmental. I should have pulled my hair away from my face. I wish I hadn't been standing that way. I should have looked in a different direction.

I thought I was simply engaging in some constructive criticism for myself. And that's a part of it, for sure. But examining a photo with a shrewd eagle eye for all that’s wrong with it isn’t a healthy behavior I want to continue.

And it also isn’t the real driver of my intense analysis. It was a fear of judgment.

Until I could release my judgment (of myself and what I perceived others were thinking about me), I couldn't fully express my love for and acceptance of ME.

If you’re afraid of what other people might say about you, then you haven’t fully accepted yourself as being worthy, whole, perfect, and enough JUST AS YOU ARE.

So I stayed away from selfies. No way was I putting a picture of myself out into the online world for everyone else to see and judge it like I do.

But recently, I've had a strong sense that it's important for me to address and resolve this issue (as best I can in this current moment).

I recognize that this could seem to be a small, unimportant problem. In fact, there's a whole movement of anti-selfie folks out there. And I get it...there are valid points about how we collectively should be mindful of not becoming a self-centered society obsessed with all things technology. (But that's a topic for another blog...)

The pressing issue here, I think, is about me moving past my fears rather than about whether I actually take and post selfies. It doesn’t really matter if I take pics of myself.

It does matter that I can love myself enough to rise above any fears I may be experiencing.

I especially love it when entrepreneurs and other people I follow on social media share selfies. It gives me a greater sense of them as individuals and helps me relate to them more. Sometimes profile pictures can feel so stayed, while everyday shots of people doing regular activities really show off their personality.

And I would like the same for my wonderful community. I do want to share more of myself with you. I want you to know me as an actual person, not just some robot coaching from behind a curtain, writing blog posts, and typing up social updates. And part of personal growth is getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Fear is only powerful when you live in it. Once you do whatever you’re scared of, it has no hold over you.

I realized that I could wait until I completely erase my fear of people judging me or I could just take the darn picture and share it right away.

So here's goes nothing...check out my very first selfie!


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