Nothing says ‘you’re not worthy’ like a commercial

There are all kinds of actions you can take and thoughts you can think to feel more love for yourself.

But I've got a shortcut for you. Ready for the step?

Stop watching commercials.

That's it. Just stop watching them.

Stop letting someone else — with a clear agenda — tell you how you should look, feel, and act and what you should want in your life.

Commercials are communicating, loudly and clearly, that you're inherently incomplete. They're designed to make you feel crappy about yourself. Their objective is purely to get you to spend your money on their product.

Advertisers’ underlying message is ALWAYS that you're not good enough unless you buy what they're selling. And one of the most common tactics in commercials is to incite jealousy and make you compare yourself to others.

But feeling good comes from within. Real self-love is about loving yourself exactly as you already are and learning how to NOT compare yourself to others.

The only way you can truly access your true self and your real desires and needs, all while loving yourself completely, is to turn all the outside noise off.

That means taking steps like:

  • choosing to only watch recorded shows so that you can skip over commercials,

  • muting the sound when commercials come on,

  • changing the channel during commercials,

  • paying attention to commercials to find the subversive and sabotaging messages (so that you're conscious and aware of them, which helps block them from affecting you),

  • or better yet, simply watch less TV.

Even if you do eliminate commercials from bombarding your thoughts, you'll still see and hear advertising messages. It’s inevitable in our current society that we will find ourselves under assault by commercials.

But instead of begrudging these commercials, use them as learning tools. Whenever you watch or listen to a commercial, be mindful and consider all the ways the marketers are telling you you're not worthy and you're not enough. Simply noticing can help protect you from being affected by these messages.

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