8 affirmations that will help you feel happier, calmer & less frustrated

I love affirmations. So it should come as no surprise that I own an affirmation-a-day calendar, right? ;)

I bought my first Louise Hay I Can Do It calendar in 2013 and I just might buy one every year forever. For me, it’s a super simple yet powerful way to affirm all kinds of goodness in my life. All I have to do is tear a page off at the end of the day and, voila, I have a brand new affirmation.

But it’s so much more than just a calendar...it’s also my own huge collection of affirmations that I put all over my house. I even use some of the pages as bookmarks. Each time I pull off an old page, I store it in a drawer so that by the end of the year, I’ve gathered 365 uplifting messages.

I have now sifted through all those positive thoughts (with some help from my 4-year old) to narrow down my absolute favorites from 2014. It was a tough task, but someone’s gotta do it. I hope they bring as much feel goodery in your life as they have in mine.


1. “All is well. I have time for everything I need to do.”

I think this might be the most magical and powerful affirmation I’ve ever used. Seriously, every time I say it in the morning (a


2. “I expect good experiences to come to me. All is truly well in my world!”


I once had a conversation with a friend who was worried about her financial future. She said that since she might not always have a good job, she needed to be constantly vigilant about looking for new jobs. When I said, “but maybe you WILL always have a good job,” she looked at me like I just told her I was a unicorn. But that’s exactly how I choose to see the future – that good, positive experiences are always on the horizon. It relieves SO much stress from the current moment. And if you’re ever in the midst of uncertainty or upcoming change, this is a great affirmation to repeat so you feel calmer and more assured about whatever unknowns are to come.

3. “Today, no person, place, or thing can irritate or annoy me. I choose to be at peace.”

As soon as I tore off the page to see these words, I instantly loved


how spiritual and evolved you are, if you interact with people, some of them are bound to tick you off at times. We’re human and that’s okay. But instead of letting that immediate feeling of annoyance consume us and drive our actions, we can pause and consciously choose to remain in a peaceful place. That means letting go of any repeating thoughts about the other person (or whatever is bothering you), saying this affirmation, and focusing on whatever is good and makes you happy.

4. “I cannot change another person. I let others be who they are, and I simply love who I am.”


People are gonna do what people are gonna do. There’s no point in wasting energy trying to get them to change. People can, of course, change...but ONLY if they want to. So I’ve stopped (well, I’m working on stopping) trying to convince people why they need to do things differently. It just makes them annoyed and me frustrated. Instead, I say this affirmation, send them my love, and wish them happiness and peace.

5. “I get plenty of sleep every night, and my body appreciates how I take care of it.”

Oh sleep, you thorn in my side! Sometimes I have a strong handle on you, sleeping


plenty and feeling restful. Other times, I’m an A+ procrastinator at night, ignoring my droopy eyelids. I know how important sleep is, so I’m making a very deliberate effort to get my tired bootie into bed at a reasonable time each night. I hope that you get enough shuteye every night too...it really is the foundation to feeling happy. This affirmation, especially when it’s written down and placed somewhere you see often, can help drop any resistance you might have to getting enough sleep.

6. “When I wake up in the morning, I plan for a good day. My anticipation attracts positive experiences to me.”


Sometimes when your heart is heavy and you’re feeling glum, everything seems so overwhelming. You might think you have to pick yourself up and brush off whatever is bothering you...but that can feel so overbearing. That’s why taking it one day at a time is such popular advice. One day is one chunk of your life that seems small enough to manage. So no matter how crappy I’m feeling, I always try to remind myself to focus just on today. That TODAY can be GOOD. And you know what? Whenever I say this affirmation in the morning, I DO experience at least one great thing that day.

7. “Others are different, not wrong. We are all one.”

I used to be the very judge-y type. ‘Cause I knew better than others how to run their


lives...at age 24 (silly young person that I was!). I was critical of parents before I was a mother. I judged marriages before I was even engaged. But being hyper judgmental is not a very happy way to live. So over time, I’ve stopped focusing on everyone else’s “poor” decisions and instead trust that every person is on their own, unique spiritual journey, learning whatever lessons they need to grow and evolve. So they’re not wrong for choosing to do something other than what I would do. They’re just different. And different doesn’t equal bad. It just equals different.

8. “It is healing to express my emotions. It is safe for me to be vulnerable.”


Before I started writing this blog for my coaching business, I wasn’t super keen on exposing much of myself with people outside of my inner circle. I didn’t like talking about my fears and worries. And I definitely didn’t enjoy sharing my vulnerabilities. So this year has been a huge learning curve for me as I do what’s uncomfortable and put my thoughts “out there.” (Like how I took and shared a selfie for the first time!) It’s a huge act of self-love to express ALL of your emotions, knowing that vulnerability is a STRENGTH. I encourage you to do the same...share your whole story with someone you trust.

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