Why you have to believe it BEFORE you see it

You know the phrase “I’ll believe it when I see it”? Well, I think it’s wrong.

I think it should be: I’ll see it when I believe it.

That’s because you create your own reality, so you have to believe that you can change BEFORE you can actually do any changing.

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know that’s why I loooooove affirmations. Affirmations truly are the foundation to changing how you think. I believe so strongly in their power to improve our lives, that I recommend all my clients say affirmations to help them transform whatever negative experiences they’ve suffered into beautiful life lessons.

And I use affirmations every single day. I have all different kinds of mantras written down and placed all over my house. Reading them on a daily basis really helps them sink in – and has led to some dramatic improvements in my life (like buying a house with an ocean view).

So what is an affirmation? Dictionary.com defines it as “the assertion that something exists or is true.” Shakti Gawain says "an affirmation is a strong, positive statement that something is already so."

Saying affirmations is a simple, but very powerful and effective way to start believing your goal is possible.

That’s because affirmations allow us to focus our thoughts, helping us be aware of what we think.

And, really, we already say affirmations ALL the time, without even thinking about it. Unfortunately, they're often the negative kinds – like I'm so fat or This day totally sucks or These kinds of (negative) things are always happening to me! And then there's my personal (un)favorite – Life is so unfair.

Positive affirmations are about creating new thought patterns so that we can actually start to believe that the world is an alright kind of place, that every day doesn't have to completely suck, and that you really can have a great figure.

So which affirmations should you use? You can incorporate many that I've already talked about or you can create your own for your specific desires.

Affirmation is....jpg

When creating your own affirmations,

remember these things:

1. Use active, present tense – not future

The most successful affirmations are phrased as if what you want has already happened. So you don’t want to create an affirmation like, I will find the ideal job for me. Instead, you would say, I am working in my ideal job or I have already found my ideal job. You want to use an active, present tense because it helps you really FEEL what it will be like to have what you want. Without experiencing that emotion, you can’t give off the energy to align yourself with your goal.

2. Phrase the affirmations in a positive way

Using positive words are key to framing your desire. After all, the purpose of affirmations is to focus your mind on what you DO want, not what you DON’T want. So, for example, if you want to lose weight, you don't want to say, I am no longer overweight or I won't be overweight anymore. Instead, you could say affirmations like I have already lost 10 pounds and I feel great or I always eat healthful, delicious foods. See the difference?

3. Follow your gut

Affirmations only work if they resonate with you. So, for example, back when I wasn't into meditation, affirmations about meditating more often just didn't work for me. I said them every day, wrote them down, and placed them around my house – but nothing changed. So I stopped using mantras about meditation because they just weren't resonating with me at that point in my life. (Though I now loooove my meditation practice!)

So if an affirmation doesn't feel right to you – for whatever reason – don't use it. You might not be ready to accept and change an emotion yet, and that's okay. Just go with the affirmations that make you feel good.

Bonus tip: When you say the affirmations, actually feel that they have already come true. Believe that you have the ability to create your own reality. It doesn’t matter HOW it will happen; just trust that it WILL happen. Then watch as magic unfolds all throughout your life!

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