Facebook can help you heal...if you know what to look for

Facebook can be both a blessing and a curse. It's a wonderful tool for to keeping in touch with friends and family, following your favorite blogs, and staying up-to-date with pop culture or even news and current events.

But it also serves as a harsh reminder of all the things we don't have, yet desperately want.

So the women who have suffered miscarriages feel pangs of sadness and jealousy when they see their friends announcing pregnancies, posting pictures of their little ones, and just generally experiencing motherhood in ways they can't. Women going through a divorce may feel disheartened when their friends and family share pictures and updates of their happy marriages. And anyone suffering from chronic anxiety or depression may generally feel melancholy whenever they read about friends and family who are seemingly living joyful, easy-going lives.

Essentially, Facebook triggers our emotional sensitivities when we're least expecting it. And that hurts. Badly.

Almost all of my clients bring up Facebook at some point in our conversations. And it's not usually in a positive reference. Instead, it comes up as an example of how badly they feel that they can't just move on with their sadness or other unwanted emotions. They talk of seeing pictures or status updates about people who have exactly what they want. They bring up how perfect everyone else's lives look.

But although it may seem that Facebook is just unnecessarily triggering your pain, I think it's actually helping you. That’s because it's clearly showing you areas you need to explore in order to continue healing your pain.

So, for example, if you're feeling emotionally overwhelmed when your friends and family share certain pictures or status updates, then that's an opportunity to consider your own life and analyze why you’re experiencing that feeling. That’s exactly what I did when I learned that three close friends and family members were all pregnant. Feeling triggered, I spent several days considering my own underlying sadness.

I encourage you to do the same thing. Here's how:

1. The next time you see a Facebook post that makes your heart hurt, don’t just blow past it. Instead, sit still for a few minutes and think about what specifically is upsetting you. (If you don’t have time to sit still right away, jot down all the information about or take a picture of the post so you can follow the rest of the steps at a later time.)

2. Determine WHY you’re feeling bothered, upset, or jealous (or other emotion). Is there something that you need to mourn? Or a reality that you need to fully accept?

3. Journal. Write down every thought you’re having related to the Facebook post. Don’t censor yourself here. Let the thoughts flow freely, no matter how negative they are. Don’t stop until you have absolutely nothing left to write.

4. Read your thoughts. Spend a few minutes reading everything you just wrote. Can you identify any underlying pain that needs to be healed?

When you can answer these questions and truly feel the feelings you’re experiencing and pinpoint your wounds, you can take steps to move past the emotional pain.

And then the next time you’re scrolling through Facebook, you can actually wish your family and friends love and happiness — even when they have something that you don’t.

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{PS — If you know it’s time to move out of emotional pain and start your journey of healing and self-love, get in touch with me for a complimentary call! Together we'll look closely at what is truly upsetting you as well as the obstacles that have been standing in your way of feeling more happiness and peace in your life. We'll also create next-step strategies for you and explore how I can support you to feel more authentic and joyful. Email me today.}

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