I'm coming out...as a spiritual person (& you should accept your true self too)

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My name is Dina Overland and I'm a...spiritual person. I believe in energy. I think love is the Soul’s religion. I believe we are spiritual beings having human experiences. I trust in the law of attraction, affirmations, self-love, and intuition.

Those facts may not be much of a shock to my faithful readers of this blog. But I need to say it, to declare it, for myself nonetheless.

You see, I wasn’t always ready to embrace my beliefs. And I certainly wasn’t willing to share my spiritual opinions and thoughts with anyone outside of my inner circle.

I used to tell myself the reason I didn't share the real way I made decisions (intuitively listening to my Soul) or how I manifest things in my life (visualization, meditation, and surrendering the outcome) was because it just didn't come up in conversation.

I convinced myself that I didn’t tell most people about my own spiritual skills, like my ability to sense other’s energy or to just know when something isn't right, was because it was never relevant. Or that people just wouldn’t be interested.

But that was a lie I was hiding behind.

The truth was I was afraid of being judged. Quite frankly, I was afraid people would think I was nutty and weird.

As Elisa Romeo says:

"There is a very real stigma attached to

the intuitive world of Soul,

and no one wants to be perceived as ‘crazy.’”

Ummm yeah. Exactly.

But true self-love comes from not only admitting to yourself what you believe and want in life, it's also about being honest with others.

So although I was scared of how people would react when I spoke of spiritual concepts and shared my perspective on life, I decided that not speaking up was tantamount to me believing my thoughts were worthless. That I wasn’t worthy.

The truth is we’re all inherently loveable and worthy — no matter what we believe. It doesn't matter specifically what you think, or whether you agree with me or anyone else, as long as YOU believe it. But the more we hide our authentic thoughts and feelings, the less we’re able to embrace our truest selves.

Fear & Soul.jpg

Know your truth. Speak your truth.

Because THAT’S how you let your Soul shine. THAT’S how you live an authentic, joy-filled life.

{PS — If you know it’s time to move out of emotional pain and start your journey of healing and self-love, get in touch with me for a complimentary call! Together we'll look closely at what is truly upsetting you as well as the obstacles that have been standing in your way of feeling more happiness and peace in your life. We'll also create next-step strategies for you and explore how I can support you to feel more authentic and joyful. Email me today.}

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