What does your weight say about you? (Hint: Absolutely nothing!)

As moms, many of us are carrying around at least a few extra, unwanted pounds on our bodies. And I know that additional weight burdens us physically, mentally, and spiritually.

I'm among the many women who didn't lose all the pregnancy weight after having my daughter. Then my two miscarriages brought some additional pounds to my body.

But here's the good thing about weight gain — it's an opportunity to recognize that you're more than your physical body. You're a beautiful Soul.

My extra 5 to 10 pounds (depending on the day) have been a profound lesson for me, helping enhance my relationship with my Soul and boost my self-love practice.

If you love yourself solely on the superficial level — for your attractiveness and/or slim body — you will eventually feel extremely disappointed, unhappy, and frustrated.

That's because the reality is our physical bodies WILL change as we age. Our skin wrinkles, our muscles lose strength, and our metabolism slows down.

And when you attach worthiness to external factors like your body, you're letting other people's opinions and judgments influence how much you love and value yourself.

But your Soul remains it's beautiful self no matter what size your body is. The external piece may be altered but the internal, authentic part of you is always the same.

With or without those extra pounds, you are inherently valuable. You are fundamentally worthy.

So I encourage you to embrace imperfection, accept your physical body exactly as it is, and love it fully and deeply anyway. Recognize that you're the most beautiful Soul you could possibly be, no matter what your body and face look like.

Need some help with your self-love practice?

  • Say affirmations like My Soul is beautiful and I love myself unconditionally and accept myself exactly as I am.

  • Write down five things you love about yourself

  • Say I love you, _____ whenever you look at yourself in the mirror

  • Imagine a beautiful pink bubble surrounding your body that radiates pure love. Feel that loving energy throughout your whole body.

The point is to pause and feel loving, kind thoughts for yourself. Because when you truly, deeply love yourself, more love and goodness will appear all throughout your life.

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