How to release your fears by surrendering the outcome

Letting go and surrendering are often misunderstood concepts.

It’s not about slowly raising a white flag with a shaken, defeated hand.

In fact, surrendering and letting go is anything but defeatist. It’s actually deeply powerful.

When you surrender a situation, say, whether you get a job you interviewed for, you are literally removing the stress from your consciousness and your physical body.

You simply trust that you took the steps needed and acted in your best interest, so that now you can stop worrying about the outcome.

The great life coach Cheryl Richardson has an affirmation that I use often: Out of this situation, only good things will come. It means believing in the higher order of the Universe — even if you don't know what that is.

If you’re meant to get that job, then you will. But if you don’t get it, you don’t feel like you’ve failed because you know it wasn’t the right fit for you right now. And you might even recognize that something better will come along.

Surrendering is about letting go of expectations and trying to control the future. It’s about just experiencing life as it unfolds.

Let me share with you a story from my own life that illustrates the power of surrender and releasing fears.

When I was struggling with fertility issues for years before my daughter was born, a very wise woman told me that I had to let go of the expectation that being a mother would make me feel “complete.” She said that I was whole as I already was, regardless of whether I ever had a child.

Although it took me a loooong time to process her wisdom, I did eventually spend several days grieving the fact that I couldn’t become pregnant. I deeply felt how sad I was. How disappointed. How frustrated and angry. I let all these feelings flow freely (which meant I was a major drag to be around at that time...but that’s okay).

And then I let all those feelings and worries go. I released the idea, from both society and myself, that I had to birth a child in order to really be a woman. To be complete.

And you know what? About two months later, I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. I hadn’t been able to conceive for almost five years, yet two short months after releasing my expectation of getting pregnant and birthing a baby, there I was “with child.”

By surrendering the outcome and releasing my fears of not being a complete woman, I actually received exactly what I wanted.

(Side note: Although some might consider it simply a coincidence, I don't believe that's what this experience was. I firmly think this was the Universe responding to me surrendering and letting go.)

So how can you surrender the outcome and release your own fears?

Write down that affirmation — Out of this situation, only good things will come — and keep it somewhere you will see often. Repeat it every time you start to sense fear creeping into your mind.

Assure yourself that the Universe loves and supports you. And that you’re safe. Because it does. And you are.

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