How accepting your monkey mind helps you stop your never-ending thoughts

Sometimes when I sit down to meditate, my mind won't even let me find a moment of peace to take a deep breath. It's off and running, like it KNOWS I'm about to shut it down and stop its operation entirely, so it's pulling out all the stops to prevent me from pulling the trigger.

In those times, I simply let the thoughts come and go as they will. I accept that my brain is scared to let go of thinking.

So I just allow the situation to unfold. That means I notice the rambling thoughts like the idea I forgot to share with my husband, that nice comment a friend made to me a few days ago, the story I want to tell my daughter soon, the food I need to add to the grocery list.

I just sit with anything that comes up. I don't get frustrated. I don't wish the thoughts would go away. I simply ALLOW the thoughts to exist.

After a few minutes of accepting and allowing these thoughts, I consciously stop them. I talk to my rambling thoughts and thank them for showing up (like when I thank my anxious thoughts for trying to keep me safe).

I explain that I've heard them all and that now it's time for them to rest. I imagine gathering them all up and putting them in a room — it's special and lovely, and they adore going to this wonderful place. I let them know that the time and place will arise when they can each come out and talk to me, but that right now, I need to focus on something different. I still love and appreciate these thoughts, but it's time for them to rest.

And then I take a big deep breath and commit to getting into a quiet, mindful mental space where I can go deep into meditation.

This tactic works wonders for me because I’m not resisting against my own brain. I’m not pushing back against what IS. The reality is that I have a mind that likes to work on overdrive sometimes. It likes to focus on inconsequential things.

Instead of resisting that part of me, I choose to accept it, while setting boundaries to keep it from controlling my mind and life.

Next time you're trying to meditate or just feel calmer and more grounded, try this tactic of putting your thoughts down for a nap. I bet you'll get to that peaceful place a lot faster.

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