Why leaning into your uncomfortable emotions makes you happier

You're feeling sad, anxious, jealous, bitter, or just all around crappy. You want to avoid those uncomfortable feelings. You just want them to GO AWAY.

But they won’t. Even when you ignore them. Even when you pretend they’re not bothering you. And even when you act like everything’s fine.

That’s because your sadness, anxiety, bitterness, and other uncomfortable feelings won’t go away until you lean INTO them. You must really FEEL the yucky feelings for them to disappear.

It’s when you truly feel and experience ALL of your emotions that you can move past the emotional pain and start receiving more happiness and peace in your life.

Read my guest post in Truth Theory to learn the 3 simple steps you can start taking now to experience your emotions so you can authentically feel happier, calmer, and more peaceful.

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