Why mistakes are a good thing

Imagine you've just started a new job. It's a little out of your comfort zone, but you're capable to handle the new responsibilities. Early on in this new position, you feel completely under water like you can barely catch your breath, let alone process everything you're supposed to be doing.

You start to wonder whether you're actually up to the task required for doing this job successfully. You start to doubt yourself. And you start to wonder whether you should ever have taken this position in the first place.

And then you ask yourself the fatal question — Did I make a mistake?

Here is my answer to that question: No.

No matter what the circumstances, no matter what the job, no matter how much you were trying to stretch yourself, no matter any of those details....you absolutely did not make a mistake.

That's because there are no mistakes. There are only opportunities to learn and grow.

That truth applies no matter the situation. It could be that you recently ended a long-term relationship and are having second thoughts. Or you bought a house and you’re not sure if it was the right choice. Or you question your decision to sit on the sofa all day and watch tv instead of exercising and being otherwise productive.

The point here is this — We all stumble and fall throughout our lives. The problems we face come not from the stumbling itself, but from the beating ourselves up over the misstep.

If you are willing to examine those mistakes and consider the thinking that led you to those decisions, you can unearth all kinds of truths about yourself. You can better understand what motivates you and what you're afraid of. What brings you true happiness. And what makes you miserable.

By viewing mistakes as learning opportunities, you can actually appreciate and feel grateful for these missteps because you trust that each one brings you closer to your true, authentic self — your Soul.

That’s why mistakes, failures, lacks of judgment, and other “errors” are vital to your growth. Without them, you would miss golden opportunities to learn about yourself. And getting to know and love the real you is one of the fundamental steps you can take toward moving past your emotional pain. So the next time you mess up, give yourself a high five and dig deep to figure out what was going on for you emotionally. You’ll thank yourself later for it.

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