Ease your emotional pain with these 8 affirmations

Just as another year is in the books, another 365 brilliant affirmations from the daily Louise Hay I Can Do It calendar is complete.

For several years now, I've looked forward to turning the page each morning to read the next affirmation. I keep all the affirmations and review them at the end of the year.

Last year, I wrote about my favorite affirmations from the calendar, and I decided to do it again for 2015. So after collecting a whole new set of 365 inspiring affirmations, I sat down to parse through the pages (alongside my 5-year old daughter enjoying some playdough fun) to whittle down my favorites of last year.

The eight affirmations that made my final cut are powerful and uplifting messages that can help you move past your own emotional pain with grace and a little more ease. Print out these pictures or write down the affirmations and look at or say them often to gain the most benefit. Happy affirming!

1. We are all doing the best we can with the understanding, knowledge, and awareness we have.

I love this affirmation because it puts others’ comments and actions into perspective. And it helps you to not take everything so personally. So if, for example, a friend or family member makes an unkind comment to you, this affirmation helps remind you that they’re walking their own journey in their own reality. Most of the time, that means they’re not really trying to hurt you. Rather, they’re just doing the best they can with the information they have. This is also a useful affirmation for when you want to forgive someone because you learn that person has a different awareness than you do.

2. I am gentle with myself as I cultivate new thoughts and watch my life change and grow.

Being gentle with yourself is essential when you’re working through emotional pain, moving past limiting beliefs, and connecting with your real, authentic self. As you start thinking new, positive thoughts, you WILL fall back on old patterns at some point. It’s totally normal. After all, you’ve been living with those old thoughts for a lifetime, so it takes time to rewire your brain so that they’re not your default thoughts. But here’s the thing — healing your pain isn’t a one-time event; it’s a journey. And it’s a journey that requires a lot of patience, understanding, and love for yourself because the best lessons are learned when you’re gentle and kind to yourself. So if you find yourself falling off your healing path, remind yourself that you’re still learning and that you’ll try again.

3. It is okay to be sad sometimes. Sadness is just another feeling. I allow it to be, and then it passes away.

Of course I love this one, right?! My primary message is that you must FEEL every feeling in order to move past your emotional pain. And sadness is a very important emotion that we’re often afraid to experience. But when you just sit with your sadness, instead of denying it or pushing it away, it will naturally dissolve on its own. That’s exactly what I did when my dog recently passed away. She was a very loved member of our family, and I was deeply sad that she was gone. So I cleared my schedule and just let myself BE sad. In a few days, I felt lighter and free of that emotional pain. When you can give yourself the space to feel sadness, or any other emotion, you’ll gradually learn that you’re always safe, no matter what feeling you’re experiencing.

4. I take the time to breathe deeply and count my blessings. Gratitude is woven throughout the tapestry of my life.

You can’t welcome much goodness into your life without a strong sense of gratitude. (And if you want to read some inspiring quotes about gratitude, check out my post here). By using this affirmation, you’re prompting yourself to feel thankful all the time, even for the little things in your life. And if you want to supercharge this affirmation, follow it up by listing several things in your life that you’re thankful for. You can also start a gratitude journal or incorporate a gratitude practice into your daily routines — like while showering. The more gratitude you express, the more goodness you will realize already exists all around you.

5. If I hear a negative story, I say, “It may be true for them, but it is not true for me.”

This one is oh-so-powerful! The more we can master this type of framing, the more peace and happiness we’ll cultivate for ourselves. For example, have you ever been at the airport when the airline announces a long flight delay? Most people moan and groan about the added time. But just because they’re responding negatively, doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. Instead, you can say this affirmation and interpret the postponed flight as time to read, relax, or call a loved one. This is true even when a close friend, family member, spouse makes a negative comment. You can simply tell yourself (or tell them directly) that you don’t see things the same way. By using this affirmation frequently, you’ll be able to separate your thoughts (and energy) from other people so that you can continue focusing on positive, uplifting thoughts and surround yourself with goodness.

6. I no longer wait to be perfect in order to love myself. I choose to love myself as I am, right here and right now.

As I say to my clients, self-love is the foundation for any journey moving past emotional pain. That’s because if you don’t love yourself fully and completely, you can’t let yourself experience all the so-called “yucky” emotions — sadness, loneliness, anger, frustration, jealousy, bitterness — stirred up by your emotional pain. You must know and BELIEVE that you’re whole and complete and worthy in order to REALLY let those feelings flow. So you can use this affirmation to start expressing love for yourself, exactly as you already are...even if you don’t believe it. As with most affirmations, you must say them before you actually think they’re true.

7. Whatever I need to know is revealed to me at exactly the right time.

As you continue healing your emotional pain, it’s often only natural that you wonder if you could have spared yourself extreme grief if you had only known what you know now years ago. But the thing is — you know what you need to know exactly when you’re supposed to know it. And even if certain information had been revealed to you, you wouldn’t have been ready to truly hear it and apply it to your life. You simply weren’t ready...and that’s okay. Trust that everything you need to know is revealed to you right when you will best absorb it. And remember that you’re learning, growing, and evolving every single day.

8. I remind myself that every experience in my life is an opportunity for growth.

This affirmation reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from Marianne Williamson: “Every relationship, every situation is part of a divinely created and highly specific curriculum for your soul growth.” Indeed, even the most heart-wrenching experiences provide you with an opportunity to grow and evolve, if you choose to. That’s exactly what happened when I suffered two miscarriages in just a few months. (You can read about my journey to become a mother as well as my infertility and miscarriage struggles in my FREE ebook.) And it’s what can happen if you endure a break-up, get a terrifying medical diagnosis, are anxious and/or depression, or experience any other emotional pain. All of your suffering can actually compel you forward into more love, happiness, and peace. That’s why this affirmation is so powerful — it reminds you that those especially crappy situations are helping you grow and become more honest and authentic.

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