How to write a love letter to yourself (& why that will make you happy)

Have you ever written a love letter?

If you have, I assume it was to someone else who you loved deeply.

But what about writing a letter to yourself? Have you ever taken the time to consider all that’s wonderful about YOU?

Loving yourself is a fundamental aspect to moving past your emotional pain, whether that’s anxiety, miscarriage or fertility issues, a divorce or other difficult breakup, a scary medical diagnosis, or anything else in your life that’s causing you suffering.

That’s because you’re very unlikely to be willing to feel the uncomfortable feelings that are inevitably stirred up by your emotional pain if you don’t love yourself fully.

But the thing is — we’re all inherently worthy and lovable. And writing a love letter to yourself is an excellent way to remind yourself (or show yourself for the first time) how amazing you are.

“This is self-love: to see ourselves with the eyes of kindness, caring, compassion, generosity, and understanding,” Reba Linker, teacher, bestselling author, and authenticity coach, writes in her book, Imagine Self-Love. “It is the beginning of healing, and of happiness.”

I couldn’t agree more.

And that’s why I’m urging you to follow her advice to write yourself a love letter.

If that sounds like an outlandish activity, here are some tips to get your started:

1. Write down anything that comes to mind. Consider this is a stream of consciousness exercise. Start by just writing down everything and anything that you think of. It could range from how you love the color of your eyes to how you love that you’re a good, supportive partner. The key to this exercise is to just write.

2. Write in a loving and kind manner. If that’s difficult for you, imagine you’re thinking about someone you love or admire very much. And then adopt the tone you’d use for that person for yourself. You wouldn’t praise your best friend for her amazing ability to stay calm under pressure while also putting her down in a condescending tone. So don’t do it to yourself either.

Take the time to love yourself and discover how fundamentally marvelous you are. It will be the beginning of a wonderful relationship...with yourself.

{Reba Linker’s Imagine Self-Love is available for purchase, or you can download a free chapter now. And, Reba’s new self-paced e-course, "9 Self-Love Keys to Change Your Life," is being offered by the Daily OM on a pay what you wish basis. Learn more about the e-course!

PS: I received no compensation for this post; I'm sharing simply because I believe so deeply that self-love is essential to living a loving, peaceful, and happy life and I want to support Reba's mission to help others find more self-love.}


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