There's a lot of emotions stirring around this week. You might feel like you've hit a rough spot — maybe you're feeling extra triggered, experiencing a setback, or just generally struggling to practice gratitude, mindfulness, and your other spiritual tools. Don't worry! This means it's time to sit back, reflect, and consider the bigger picture: What do YOU really want?

OVERALL VIBE: Emotional Withdrawal

You're going to need time alone to process some big emotions (or lots of little ones). Find a way to incorporate quiet self-care into your week, especially if it involves water. So take a long bath, soak in a hot tub, spend time by a local creek, lake, or ocean. And remember - don't be afraid of your emotions. It's in the feeling the feels that you heal and move past them.

WHAT TO THINK ABOUT: Partnerships + Alliances

Consider your relationships this week. Are you surrounded by positive or negative energy? Is there an equal give and take to your relationships? If not, think about how you can shift the dynamics - and whether you need to let go altogether. Also, if a certain relationship is causing you anxiety or frustration, consider it from a different perspective. Is there another way to look at the situation? Is there any other way to interpret what's going on?

WHAT TO DO: Mental Conflict

Seems like you've had lots of anxious thoughts ruminating in your head lately. It's time to address what's been twirling around in your mind and make a decision. Check in with yourself - are fears holding you back? How can you follow your heart in this situation? Listen to your intuition and believe in yourself. You'll be feeling better really soon!

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