The cards this week are reminding you to listen to your intuition because it knows best. Be inspired and allow yourself to experience passion, in whatever form it takes in your life because — guess what? — abundance and prosperity are headed your way! So keep your thoughts positive and don't fall into the trap of thinking that there's not enough for everyone. There IS! So go ahead and prepare yourself to actually receive all the goodness coming to you. Yayyyyy!

*Psychic Tarot Deck by John Holland

OVERALL VIBE: Waiting Game

You’ve planted the seeds and now you must wait for them to sprout and grow, for the roots to take hold. As the gardener well knows, you can provide the right environment and conditions, but you can’t literally force a seed to sprout. So try not to control the process and ruminate as you wait for your dreams to come to fruition. Let go of the specific outcome, but expect the best because the Universe is always working on your behalf. Trust in divine timing and be open to multiple possibilities — even ones you can’t imagine yourself. Just like you can’t see what the seeds are actually doing under the soil, you don’t know what factors are involved and how the Universe is helping you. Believe and affirm that that everything is working out in your best interest.

WHAT TO THINK ABOUT: Partnerships + Alliances

We got this card in the same spot last week. That means the work you started then isn’t finished yet. So continue considering your relationships and whether you’re surrounded by positive energy. Are you treated with love and respect? Do you feel uplifted and supported? Do you need to look at any relationships from different perspectives to better understand the dynamics at play? Also, know that success comes in all different forms and doesn’t always fit with society’s very limited definition. Trust you’re on the right path, no matter what happens with your relationships.


As I tell my clients, owning your power isn’t about plowing over people and exerting control. Instead, it’s about standing strong in your own skin and recognizing that you’re worthy. So be like the lion, which doesn’t kill unless it’s hungry (read: when it absolutely needs to) and take necessary actions this week, but don’t rule with an iron fist or bring someone down just because you can. This card also lets you know that it’s okay to enjoy civilization’s comforts and enjoy and relish in nature (hello, RV trips!). You don’t have to be either/or — allow yourself to delight in both. Perhaps this means it’s time for you to book or take that trip to the mountains, lake, beach, or wherever you can feel peaceful and connected to the earth.

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