Are you listening to your body?

Your body is like an oracle. It has messages for you that can literally make your life so much better. And the more you listen to that wise body of yours, the happier you'll feel. Let me give you an example: I've had neck pain two times in two weeks. I rarely have neck pain. So the first time I woke and could barely turn my head side to side, I knew something was up. I just had a sense that the kink wasn't about my neck, but instead about what my neck represents: flexibility, going with the flow, adjusting to changes. So I grabbed my trusty Louise Hay book, You can Heal Your Life, and found the affirmation for neck pain — I am peaceful with life.

I wrote down that affirmation and held onto it all day long. I reaffirmed it to myself multiple times. And wouldn't you know it, I felt a bit better by bedtime. The second time the kink reappeared, I dug deeper. I held onto the affirmation again and said it to myself several times like before. Then I journaled, asking myself these questions: Where am I being rigid? Where am I struggling to be flexible? Where do I not want to bend? What am I resisting? The answers I uncovered helped me with several things going on right now. You can ask yourself similar questions when pain creeps into your body. Try these to start with:

  • What is this pain trying to tell me?

  • What do I need to stop doing so I can tune into my body?

  • How can I better care for my body and myself?

Then consider the area that's bothering you. What does it represent? For example, your heart signifies love and openness while your shoulders represent carrying weight, burden, or guilt. Now, I'll be honest and share that the affirmation and journaling didn't heal my neck pain. An appointment with my chiro did that. So I'm not recommending that you never seek medical advice or assistance. Rather, I'm suggesting it's so worthwhile to do the inner work alongside the medical work. You'll learn so very much about yourself.

#selfcare #selflove

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