Whew, what a powerful punch of positivity we’re in for this week!! Get ready because we’re going to be high vibin’ it for the new few days...wooo hooo!

*Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid


You’ve got energy, a positive vibe, and the Universe on your side, yayyy! You’re feeling renewed, lighter, and — dare I say — happier. Maintain that energy by being open and willing to allow new ideas and possibilities into your life. So often, we block the very thing we’re trying to create (like self sabotaging a great relationship because you don’t feel worthy of it). Remind yourself every day this week that you’re worthy and deserving of everything you’ve ever wanted. This is also a time to let go of issues that no longer serve you. Don’t worry about any potential emptiness that may result because something better is on its way to you.


You know how some people just seem to live a charmed life? Well, that’s YOU this week! Everything is going to seem like it’s all working out for you. This is when dreams become reality and life is easy breezy. So keep a positive outlook and an optimistic attitude as you go about your next few days. Look for synchronicities and appreciate how blessed you are. Be grateful for everything, even the small things. You might even consider keeping a list of what you’re thankful for and reviewing it at the end of the week to reaffirm the many miracles that occur in your life on a daily basis.

WHAT ACTIONS TO TAKE: Exchanging Gifts

Opportunities are flowing left and right for you! Know that you have all the tools you need already inside you to be successful (whatever success means to you personally). The key here, though, is that you must believe in yourself. Trust that you’re brave and can do hard things. Have faith that you can — and deserve to — live an abundant, prosperous life. Meanwhile, trust your intuition and heed its guidance for you are wiser than you realize. Also be mindful this week to take time to rest and relax, which helps you keep your energy high so you can continue to attract goodness.

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