This week has got it all: healing, abundance, and action. First, you must heal your wounds, then you can focus on your deep passions, and then you get to take some concrete action toward those high-vibe goals. It will be quite a journey over the next few days, but you can handle it!

Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine

OVERALL VIBE: Three of Air This card is showing you that healing is needed. Something has been bugging you, whether it's at the front or back of your mind. So create some space this week and just BE...spend some time in nature, especially among flowers, enjoying the little things and reveling in simple beauty. Release any guilt you've been holding on to and forgive those who have caused you pain. Believe in unicorns, if only for a few days, and trust that magic and miracles really DO exist. As you process your emotional wounds, you're bringing yourself closer to the abundance and love that you fundamentally deserve. WHAT TO THINK ABOUT: Queen of Fire It's time to focus on your passion! What do you want to create? You have the inner strength, power, and courage needed to go after your dreams. Tap into your heart and your truest, most authentic desires. Trust that somehow, some way there IS room for your passion in your life. Create some affirmations to help you believe in yourself or try these: I expand into love and abundance every day. It is safe for me to follow my inner-most desires. WHAT ACTIONS TO TAKE: Knight of Earth Time to get moving! You've done the healing (it's okay if you're not finished) and the imagining, and now you're ready to implement your plan. Trust that you're on the right path to fulfill your Soul's purpose. No matter what arises, you can be resourceful, strategic, and practical. Take at least one specific, concrete step this week that brings you closer to your goal. Meanwhile, pay attention to and express gratitude for all the things that go your way...This is one way the Universe tells you that you're on the right path!

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