What a lovely week we have in store for us! The Universe really wants to share some neat stuff with you, so this is a good time to open yourself up to the good life. Here's to a wonderful, high-vibing week ahead!

Shadowscape Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law & Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid

OVERALL VIBE: Yin Yin energy is all about receiving, so this is a good week to allow some goodness to come to you. Hooray! But be conscious that you’re actually allowing and welcoming these goodies into your life. So often, we say we want something really great, like a new job, a loving partner, or a beautiful home, but when we’re this close to actually getting that thing, we somehow self sabotage and block it from coming to fruition. To counter this tendency, imagine you’ve got a chalice of some sort (like the one in this card’s picture) on your porch collecting whatever life has to offer you. This particular chalice is magical and only attracts positive, beneficial, and uplifting items. Check in on your chalice throughout the week and graciously accept whatever is in there, reminding yourself that you deserve to have all the awesome goodies. WHAT TO THINK ABOUT: Ten of Cups Perhaps you had a rough past few weeks, but you’re starting to feel like you’re recovering and able to move forward. You’re feeling some peace and emotional contentment settle into your every day. Your heart is feeling full and happy. Life is looking pretty good, actually (not perfect, of course, because perfect doesn’t exist). To continue on this trend, spend time this week thinking about everything you’re grateful for. Gratitude for what you already have is one of the key foundations to receiving anything more into your life. So, consider writing down everything you love or spend a few minutes each morning jotting down five things you’re grateful for or go for a mindful walk where you focus on things you’re thankful for. It doesn’t matter what you’re grateful for, just try to appreciate as much as you can.

WHAT ACTIONS TO TAKE: The World The world is your oyster, my friend! Take some concrete steps this week toward achieving your biggest dreams. Always wanted to write a novel? Get some words onto that document! Don’t have any major life goals on the horizon right now? No prob...just do something this week that makes you feel good. I mean truly, deeply, authentically GOOD (in other words, don’t go get a mani/pedi because that’s something that should make you feel good. Instead, listen to that heavy metal music because it actually makes your heart explode with happiness...or whatever else floats your boat). This card also signals an ending of some kind, so check to see whether something needs wrapping up – especially if you’re owed money or goods. Remember, this week’s yin energy is all about receiving, and sometimes you have to take the initial steps to ensure receipt of what is deservedly yours.

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