A new + easy way to reach me

I’ve got fun news!

I’m now using a new tool called Instantgo, a free app that lets you connect with life coaches and tarot readers (and so many other types of professionals) instantly on your iPhone.

What does this mean for you? It means you have more access to me! Just text me your question — whether simple or more complicated — and we can message each other for as long as you need.

You pay per every 160 characters of text, so you’re in control of how much the conversation costs. And you can see exactly how much you’re spending too.

Want some insight but don’t want to wait for a reading? Looking for insight but don’t want to schedule a whole coaching session? Want guidance but don’t want to get on the phone? Instantgo is a great solution for you! The best part of Instantgo is that everything happens within the app, so it’s really simple for me to share photos (of tarot cards, for example), docs, and even videos so you can get lots of support quickly.

Download the free Instantgo app from your iPhone app store and ask me almost anything — and get a reply within 24 hours!

Check out this super short video to see how a text convo works in Instantgo:

Find me on Instantgo now and let’s get chatting!

PS — Instantgo works in addition to my existing services. So if you’d prefer to not use the handy app, no worries! You can still reach me via email at dina@dinaoverland.com.

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Dina Overland is a

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happiness, love, and peace.

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