Wow. Really, just wow. I had no idea you would be able to pick up on SO much stuff that is going on. Everything you said is pretty spot on, like scary spot on. I am glad that I asked the question — or rather that you focused it in. I never thought so much would present itself as clearly as it did. I appreciate the clarity you've brought forward! And now I’m working on setting some goals and action items and getting to some possible decisions.

— Adrienne S.

Intuitive Card Readings

An intuitive card reading is when I pull cards from a Tarot or Oracle deck to gather insights on a situation you ask me about. Using my knowledge of the card decks and my own intuition, I allow the cards to tell me a story that’s unique to each of my clients, so every reading is specifically tailored to your own question and situation.


My readings are a combination of Tarot/Oracle card pulls; intuitive messages I receive while reading the cards; targeted spiritual life coaching and guidance; and specific, action-oriented steps you can take to add more happiness, peace, and love into your life.

Whether by phone or in writing, my readings provide you with a personalized, deep-dive exploration into your questions. You’ll receive:

  • A clearer sense of what’s going on in your life

  • Guidance in how to sort out a current situation

  • Insight into how to prepare for potential outcomes

  • A strong understanding of the range of possibilities in your life

  • Clarity around how to make conscious and wise decisions to best support your happiness

  • Specific ideas on how to move forward toward your goals

  • A sense of empowerment, inspiration, and positive energy to move forward

My readings help uncover anything in or around you that needs love and healing. You will feel gently and kindly encouraged to take powerful steps toward manifesting your desires. And you will feel empowered, guided, and hopeful after the reading.


What my readings can’t do:

  • Tell the future. You always have free will over the cards.

  • Diagnose any medical conditions or provide any type of medical advice

  • Violate anyone’s privacy rights. I won’t do readings about anyone without their permission. We may discuss others in your life, but it will always be in context of how they or the situation relates to you.


Because of the intuitive nature of my readings, I often sense information beyond your specific question. I believe that if something comes forward, you’re meant to hear it.  That means I share whatever I sense, regardless if you specifically asked about it. You always have the right to request that we not talk about a topic.

I use Tarot and Oracle card decks. If you have a preferred deck for your reading, please let me know. Otherwise, I intuitively decide which deck to use for each reading.

I am blown away with the accuracy of Dina's readings! The personalized card readings she has provided me are completely on target and specific with every element of my question. Each reading comes together in a way that describes my life as it is now, why it is this way, and also sheds light on what could be. I love her readings. They reassure me of choices I am making and those I may make in the future.

— Julie C.

“Dina gave me an amazing reading! She is so warm and open. I also found her to be very intuitive. She made great connections between the cards and the question I posed, and was able to offer a narrative that was both meaningful and personal. Dina is a generous and kind spirit — I instantly trusted her and felt at ease allowing her to do a reading for me.”


Terms & Conditions

Readings are for anyone who is 18 years or older. Legally, these readings are for entertainment purposes only. Any advice or information you receive from the reading does not replace advice or information from a professional in certain fields, including medical, legal, and psychological fields. I don’t do readings on anyone without their permission. I am not responsible for anything you do with the information you receive from the reading. All readings are completely confidential. 

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