The Details reading

Email reading or 30-minute phone reading

This option is perfect if you want to know more about a situation that isn't complex or you want some additional understanding of a situation. Or maybe you just want to see what the heck a tarot or oracle reading actually is (which is totally cool, btw!)


I will pull about 4 or 5 cards and create a spread specifically designed for your situation. Then I will provide you with insight on what's going on as well as specific, action-based advice you can take.

I use either Tarot or Oracle cards. If you have a preference, please let me know. Otherwise, I will intuitively choose the deck before your reading.


If you choose an email reading, you will receive a written, in-depth PDF report as well as a picture of the cards drawn. The report includes an overview — which is my general impression and overall themes that came up during the reading — as well as 1 to 2 paragraphs describing my interpretation of each pulled card’s meaning. The report is roughly 500 words (or about 2 pages).

I will email your written report in a PDF document within five days of receipt of payment.

If you choose a phone readingyou and I will schedule a time when we can speak over the phone or Skype (audio only). I will pull the cards and do the reading while we're talking.

You won’t receive a written report like you would with an email reading, but I will send you a picture of the cards drawn after the phone call.

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